Hot towels, hot stones
& Aromatherapy oils 





Focusing on Women’s Health 
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Digestive & Abdominal Massage plus Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-Natal Care...

We successfully support families (especially women) throughout the journey to become pregnant and to get healthy.

  • Experienced and professional Remedial Massage therapists
  • We safely massage in all trimesters (including postnatal care)
  • Your body should not be in pain.
  • Massage helps improve how you feel and move.

Our private Infra-Red Sauna Treatment Room stimulates blood flow, gently warms for healing and cellular repair.

Reception-Lounge-200We offer a personalized massage-based labour preparation class for you and your birth partner.

In our class, there is time for discussion and lots of practical work plus you will take home a display folder filled with relevant handouts plus a personalized aromatherapy oil blend for labour/birth recovery.

Our class includes

  • Important pregnancy facts and helpful labour info
  • Massage techniques to help with labour
  • Guidelines on the safe use of oils during / after pregnancy
  • Appropriate Positioning and Posture advice
  • Relaxation techniques including extra ideas / practical tips




“If a person’s basic state of mind is serene and calm, then it is possible for this inner peace to overwhelm a painful physical experience” The Dalai Lama.